If You're a Lawyer, How Would You Like to Become a Better Visual Storyteller?

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Yes, show me how Visual Storyteller School for Lawyers can make me better!

Welcome, Storyteller!

Hi, I'm Cliff Atkinson, founder of Visual Storyteller School for Lawyers, and I aim to help you become bigger, scarier and more persuasive with your visual stories.

How to Begin the Hero's Journey of the Visual Storyteller

Step 1: Learn the Basics (Beginner)

Gain core skills in my complimentary mini-courses, learn the technology at my YouTube Channel, and get your questions answered on Livestreams on my Facebook page.

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Step 2: Take a Boot Camp (Intermediate)

Become a visual storyteller ninja in 6 weeks at my exclusive Storyteller Boot Camp, where I'll work hands-on with a small group of lawyers to show you how to unlock your creativity and create compelling visual stories for your legal presentations.

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Step 3: Enter the Inner Sanctum (Advanced)

Graduates of Boot Camp are eligible to join an exclusive community of visual storytelling ninjas where you learn advanced skills and share best practices - as well as gain access to my complete Visual Story Trial Kits.

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[VIDEO] How Would You Like to Become Better at Visual Storytelling?

Learn how to create visual stories at my YouTube Channel, including "how-to" instructions for getting things done. Check out the video that introduces the channel to see what's possible for your own presentations.

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Not Sure Where to Begin? Start with My FREE Mini-course

Learn how to build a strong foundation for all your visual stories. Enroll now for free and you'll get unlimited access for 30 days to:

  • 5 video lessons (30+ minutes each)
  • A downloadable handout with key takeaways and exercises
  • A free copy of my storyboarding tool
  • A course discussion group
  • Discussion prompts and quizzes.
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Count Me In!

Yes, show me how Visual Storyteller School for Lawyers can make me better!

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