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Hi, I'm Cliff Atkinson, founder of Visual Storyteller School, and my aim is to help you change the world with your visual stories.

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STEP 1: Learn the Basics

(BEGINNER LEVEL) Gain core skills in my complimentary mini-courses, learn the technology at my YouTube Channel, and get your questions answered on Livestreams on my Facebook page.

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STEP 2: Take a Boot Camp

(INTERMEDIATE LEVEL) Become a visual storytelling in my exclusive boot camp and learn the essential visual storytelling skills of distillation, structure, theming, visual selection, props and staging.

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STEP 3: Enter the Inner Sanctum

(ADVANCED LEVELS) Graduates of Storyteller Camp are eligible to join an exclusive community of visual storytelling experts where you can learn advanced skills and share best practices.

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The Rave Reviews

“Loved the chunking in 3’s concept and plan to use it for all kinds of things including delivery of workshops. I am quite pleased with the results. I have encouraged my colleague to sign up as well.”

— Karen Luyendyk

“The course helped me to learn a whole new style of effective communicating. I loved how easy it was to learn at my own pace and to use the downloadable templates for making my own presentation.”

— Aaron Silverman

“Loved this course. The structure and approach to build a story were fabulous. Our manager recently found this course and three of us enrolled. All have found it very beneficial as we grow our new department.”

— Ann Barton

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