Visual Storyteller Newsletter - February 2021

lawyers newsletter Feb 17, 2021

Why Visual Storytelling is the Skill You Really Need to Learn in 2021

It's never been more important for lawyers to learn how to use visuals to communicate. Our global culture has rapidly shifted from text to images, and audiences demand you adapt to their expectations to literally see your point.

I'm Cliff Atkinson, and I founded Ninja School for Lawyers to help you become an effective visual storyteller.

This newsletter will keep you updated on the latest training materials I've posted in the past month, and to let you know what's coming up. 

I'm glad you're part of the school, and look forward to helping you become an effective visual storyteller!

Not Sure Where to Start Visual Storytelling? Start here

Build a strong foundation for all your visual stories in my new mini-course PowerPoint Fundamentals for Lawyers that teaches you what you need to know before you open PowerPoint:

When you enroll, you'll get unlimited access for 30 days to:

  • 5 video lessons (30+ minutes each)
  • A downloadable handout with key takeaways and exercises
  • A free copy of my storyboarding tool
  • A course discussion group with lesson prompts
  • A final quiz to test yourself to see how well you learned the fundamentals.

(VIDEO) How Would You Like to Become a Visual Storytelling Ninja?

If you're looking for help learning the technology of PowerPoint, I've launched a new YouTube channel with videos that show you the essential "how-to" instructions for getting things done in PowerPoint. Check out my introductory video here:

Visit my YouTube Channel

If you have friends or colleagues who you think would be interested in Ninja School, please forward this email to them or give them the link to the website:

I look forward to seeing you around Ninja School!