Get Better, Faster and More Persuasive with PowerPoint 


If you're a trial lawyer and aim to persuade jurors, judges and adjusters, PowerPoint is now an essential part of your trial toolkit.

I’m Cliff Atkinson, and I wrote the book on PowerPoint. For the first time, I'm offering a limited number of trial lawyers the opportunity to spend a day with me LIVE online for an action-packed PowerPoint Boot Camp to quickly take your skills to the next level.

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In Just 1 Day, You Will...

Get Better

You'll skip the PowerPoint mistakes I see many trial lawyers make, and quickly learn how to make persuasive slides with big impact.

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Get Faster

Why waste any more time?  I'll teach you a small subset of PowerPoint features that make the biggest difference.

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Get More Persuasive

Jurors are more likely to believe you if they can see what you're saying. I'll show you how to make slides that are easy for them to digest.

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What's the Value of More Persuasive PowerPoint? 

Legendary trial lawyer Mark Lanier wouldn't think of going to trial without PowerPoint, and he's used it as a powerful persuasive tool to amass a stunning $20 billion in verdicts. In a recent trucking case, a lawyer creatively used visuals to increase a focus group's valuation from $2 million to $10 million. A single 3-D illustration can cost $50,000. 

So what's the value if you can actually gain the skills yourself, to create and show images that teach and influence your jury?  Or equally as important, how much do you leave on the table if you don't use them?

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The Curriculum

You'll get 7 hours of personal training time with the leading consultant on visual storytelling in trial ($15,000 value), via livestream and Zoom.

The action-packed day includes a mix of instruction, practical hands-on exercises, and in-depth dive into 3 core areas:

  1. The Trial Essentials: You'll get a solid understanding of how to use PowerPoint strategically in court and over Zoom, and learn shortcuts that make you better and faster.
  2. Working with Documents: You'll learn easy ways to take screen captures, add drop shadows, create zooming effects, make highlights and add animations.
  3. Finding and Creating Images: You'll explore a range of creative and innovative ways to illustrate slides with evidence you have, illustrations you make or stock photography you license.

Along the way, you're invited to share questions and challenges you face, so we can find answers and solutions.

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Your Instructor: The Go-To Guru for the Best Trial Lawyers

Cliff Atkinson is the leading expert on using creative storytelling to persuade jurors.  He is the author of 5 bestselling books on creative storytelling, now translated into a dozen languages, and he speaks all over the world at business schools, tech conferences, and legal associations. Cliff has worked on over 120 legal cases, including a war crimes court of the United Nations. He synthesizes the discipline from his service as an Air Force Officer, the business savvy from his MBA, and the ability to creatively distill information from his journalism education.

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For just a fraction of the cost of hiring a seasoned trial consultant, you'll gain your own new visual storytelling skills to persuade your next jury - and every one after that. This small investment of your time and money can continue delivering big value over the rest of your career.

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"It's magic. It's a game-changer."

Can a visual story add value to your case?  Watch Lisa Blue, past president of the American Association for Justice, answer that.


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